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U.S. National Library of Medicine: Digital Collections
Digital Collections is the National Library of Medicine's free online resource of biomedical books and still and moving images. All of the content in Digital Collections is freely available worldwide and, unless otherwise indicated, in the public domain. Digital Collections provides unique access to NLM's rich resources.

Wellcome Library Collections Online
The Wellcome Library is one of the world's major resources for the study of medical history. Explore their digitized collections, including books, audio, images, and more.

Medical Heritage Library
A collaboration of some of the world’s leading medical libraries, MHL promotes free and open access to historical resources in medicine, including 60,000 digitized rare books, serials, and films.

Historical Images in Medicine
The Duke University Medical Center Library’s Historical Images in Medicine collections include over 3,000 photographs, illustrations, engravings, and bookplates from the history of the health and life sciences.

Historical Anatomies on the Web

A digital project designed to give Internet users access to high quality images from important anatomical atlases in the National Library of Medicine's collection.

The Osler Library Prints Collection
The Osler Library Prints Collection, ranging from the seventeenth to the twentieth century, consists predominantly of prints, though it also includes photographs, drawings, posters, and cartoons.

Anatomia 1522 – 1867
This collection features approximately 4500 full page plates and other significant illustrations of human anatomy selected from the Jason A. Hannah and Academy of Medicine collections in the history of medicine at the Thomas Fisher Rare Book Library, University of Toronto. Each illustration has been fully indexed using medical subject headings (MeSH), and techniques of illustration, artists, and engravers have been identified whenever possible. There are ninety-five individual titles represented, ranging in date from 1522 to 1867.

Brought to Life
This resource from the United Kingdom's Science Museum contains thousands of digitized images of of artifacts and objects from the museum’s medical collections.

Digital Collections from the New York Academy of Medicine
A variety of resources, from New York Milk Committee ephemera, 19th Century Resurrectionists, and pharmaceutical trading cards.

Image Archive - The History of American Eugenics

The unfiltered story of American Eugenics, primarily told through materials from the Eugenics Record Office at Cold Spring Harbor, the center of American eugenics research from 1910-1940.

The Casebooks Project
A digital edition of Simon Forman’s & Richard Napier’s medical records, 1596–1634

Western Medicine in China

This is a wide collection of information -- archive guides, primary sources, digitized materials –- selected to assist lay people and undergraduate students, as well as established scholars and graduate students. Most sources to date focus on the period from the beginning of the nineteenth century to the formation of the People's Republic of China.

Evidence-based Medicine: An Oral History
JAMA article that introduces video oral history project on evidence-based medicine.

Medicine in the Americas 1610-1920 a Digital Library
From the National Library of Medicine History of Medicine Division

History of Medicine has a subset in PubMed.

Retrieving History of Medicine Citations in MEDLINE/PubMed
NLM Tech Bull. 2012 Jul-Aug;(387):e6

Frederik Ruysch Collection

The project has been aimed to provide access to the catalogue of the one of the earliest collection of the Kunstkamera, founded in St.Petersburg by the Russian Emperor Peter the Great in 1714. Collection of anatomic specimens created by Frederik Ruysch (1638–1731), professor of anatomy and botany in Amsterdam, was procured for the museum in 1717.

Medical History in Indiana

"Medicine" - Historical Overview, Encyclopedia of Indianapolis  (image from print version published 1994)


Journal of the American Medical Association
Indiana Medical Journal
The Snakeroot Extract

Central State Hospital
aka Indiana Hospital for the Insane, Central Indiana Hospital for the Insane

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The Old Pathology Building and The Indiana Medical History Museum

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Indiana State Library - Old Pathology Building Plans - OBC 96

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