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OUR GOAL:  $2,200,000


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For up to date information about available sponsorships, please call Sarah Halter at         (317)635-7329 or email her at

The Need: The Old Pathology Building in Danger

In spite of previous repairs to the roof, there has been severe damage to the building from water intrusion. The electrical, HVAC, and plumbing systems are also in need of updates.  A top-to-bottom survey of the building completed by Pyramid Architecture and Engineering in January of 2015 revealed even more extensive problems than were previously known.

The cost of this urgently needed restoration and repair work is estimated to be $2,200,000.  The work will be completed in three stages.  The "gutters & up" portion was completed in 2015, and we plan to complete the rest of the exterior phase this year.


 The Damage:

The Old Pathology Building has survived 120 years with its original furnishings and equipment intact. Help us ensure the future of this historical gem!


Giving Your Support

Your support for the Capital Campaign is welcome as a one-time donation, a pledge of annual support over a period of three to five years, or as a bequest in your estate plan.  You may choose to make your gift in honor or in memory of someone.

Every gift is important to the success of this project and will be appreciated.  We would like to give special recognition for lead and major gifts in the following ways:

LEAD GIFTS All names on bronze plaque; rent free use of the Old Pathology Building for a private event (some restrictions apply.)

$500,000 Named sponsorship of the Amphitheater (no longer available)

$200,000 Named sponsorship of the Medicinal Plant Garden

$150,000 Named sponsorship of the Anatomical Museum (no longer available)

$25,000 Named annual lecture series (no longer available)

$20,000 Named garden bench (4 available)

All of the above named sponsorships and naming right for the Old Pathology Building are valid for a period of 25 years.


Visionaries   $10,000+ Name on bronze plaque

Founders $5,000-9,999 Name on bronze plaque

Patrons $2,000-4,999 Name on large sidewalk brick

Sponsors $1,000-1,999 Name on small sidewalk brick

Supporters $750-999

Friends $500-749

All lead and major gift donors will receive IMHM gifts, recognition in all museum media, and invitations to Capital Campaign celebratory events.

$50,000 Named Sponsorship of the Entry Foyer

$50,000 Named Sponsorship of the Bacteriology Lab

$50,000  Named Sponsorship of the Reception Room

$50,000  Named Sponsorship of the Chemistry Preparation Lab

$50,000 Named Sponsorship of the Clinical Chemistry Lab

$50,000 Named Sponsorship of the Histology Lab (no longer available)

$50,000 Named Sponsorship of the Library (no longer available)

$40,000 Named Sponsorship of the Library Annex

$40,000 Named Sponsorship of the Exhibit


$35,000 Named Sponsorship of the

Photography Studio

$35,000 Named Sponsorship of the

Pathologist's Office

$30,ooo Named Sponsorship of the

Refrigerator Room

$30,000 Named Sponsorship of the Front


$24,000 Named Sponsorship of the

Collections Art Storage Room

$24,000 Named Sponsorship of the

Collections Amphitheater Storage


$24,000 Named Sponsorship of the

Collections Small Artifacts Storage


$20,000 Named Sponsorship of the

Administrative Offices

$15,000 Named Sponsorship of the Docents

Room (no longer available)

The Old Pathology Building is 

Irreplaceable and Unique

  • It was built in 1896 to facilitate research and education about the physical causes of mental diseases.

  • It is the oldest intact free-standing pathology building in America.

  • It has survived almost entirely in its original architectural configuration.

  • It still contains most of its original furnishings, including laboratory equipment, supplies, records and anatomical specimens.

  • It was designed by the well-known architect Adolph Scherrer, who also designed the Indiana State House and other notable late-19th-century Indianapolis buildings.

The Old Pathology Building is visited by people from all over the world.

Each year, programming at the Old Pathology Building educates thousands of Indiana students, from elementary school students to post-graduates.

The building and its collections provide hands-on experience for students in undergraduate and graduate level museum studies, history, and public history programs.

The Old Pathology Building and the Indiana Medical History Museum comprise and essential part of the cultural life and history of Indianapolis and Central Indiana.


Courtesy of Tom Mueller Photography, LLC 

Thank you to the following supporters of our 

Capital Campaign to Save the Old Pathology Building


Sponsorship of the Amphitheater

Sponsorship of the Anatomical Museum

Sponsorship of the Histology Laboratory

Sponsorship of the Library

Sponsorship of the Chemistry Laboratory

Sponsorship of Smith-Hull Docents Room

Named Annual Lecture Series


Dr. & Mrs. George Rapp

James W. Smith, MD

Indiana Pathology Endowment

Richard and Patricia Schreiner

Dr. & Mrs. Clay W. Stuckey


The Lande Family: Greg, Brenda, and Galen

Lois Pless In Memory of John E. Pless, MD


Visionaries $10,000 +

Drs. Meredith & Kathleen Hull

Dr. Robert A. & Lee M. McDougal

Andrea Terrell

Franciscan Indianapolis Family Medicine


Founders  $5,000-9,999

Dr. Maryann & Scott Bridge

Dr. & Mrs. Willliam Capello

Don & Lisa Flick

Franciscan Alliance

Dr. Gilbert and Mary Jo Gutwein

Narcissa Hocker

Jeffrey J. Kellams, MD

Dr. L. Dennis & Cathy McKeever

Jon Marhenke, MD

George Sandusky, DVM, Ph.D

In Sook Seo

Walter Tinsley, MD

Drs. George & Rosemary Weir

Patrons $2,000-4,999

Dr. Charles and Tom Bonsett

Bernard J. Emkes,  MD

Drs. Richard & Rebecca Feldman

Dr. & Mrs. John A. Foster

Dr. & Mrs. Richard A. Gantz

Walter W. Jolly, MD

John & Barbara MacDougall

Mr. Bruce McDougal

Shirley Mueller, MD


Milton Roggenkamp, MD

Alan D. Schmetzer

Jane E. Schultz, PhD

Dr. & Mrs. Jon R. Simala

Kevin Speer

Technology Evolution

David and Magdalen Zauner

Michelle K. Zimmerman, MD

Sponsors  $1,000-1,999



Dr. & Mrs. Scott Barnacle

James R. Bounnell

Joan Brand and André Watts

Karen Bumb, MD

Mr. & Mrs. J. William DuMond

Jim Hamby

Guy J. Hansen

Hendricks Regional Health

Dr. and Mrs. Robert Hooker

Frederick Lane, MD

John Meade

George McAfee


Dr. James and Mrs. Rowena Mount

Frank N. Owings Family Foundation

Mrs. Anne Pantzer

Robert M. Pascuzzi, MD

Pamela Su Perry

Theresa Rohr-Kirchgraber and Paul Kirchgraber, MD, MBA

Dr. & Mrs. Thomas R. Scherschel

William Schneider, Ph.D

Alan Smith

Donald Snyder, MD

Susan Stephens, MD

Jamie S. Street. MD

Dr. Christian Wolf and Elaine Holden-Wolf

Don P. Zent, MD

Supporters  $750-999


Richard and Cathy Hahn

Norma Erickson

Mr. Peter Krol

Dr. Charles E. and Mrs. Jacquelyn F. Tomich

Friends  $500-749

Dr. & Mrs. D. Craig Brater

Joyce E. Byllesby, MD

John J. Coleman III, MD

Connor & Company, Inc.

Terrence J. Cudahy, MD

Thomas DeLoughery

James and Jane Fesenmeier

Thomas Fischer

Robert Flint, MD

Shirley Fry, MD

Joel H. Griffith, MD

Dr. & Mrs. Alvin J. Haley


Katy E. Hall

Nicholas Hatfield

Daniel L. House, MD

Tom and Elaine Howard

Indiana Neurological Society

Indiana Psychiatric Society

Valerie Jackson, MD

Drs. Gerald & Patricia Keener

Dr. & Mrs. John C. Kohne

John Kreutzfeldt

Dr. and Mrs. Ronald E. Leach

Daniel Lehman, MD


Cindy L. Leland, MD

Douglas & Kwan g Chu Morrell

Holly Simpson, MD

Kendra & Andrew Smith

Sara Stramel-Brewer

Lindsay Swindell

Christopher N. Watson, MD

Rosalind Webb, MD

Charles R. Wesley, MD, PhD

Dr. and Mrs. David E. Wheeler

Donald L. Wilson, MD

Other Gifts


Big Sue Arnold

Drs. Geo P. & M. Barbara Backer

Jason Bainter

Sarah Bank

Rebecca Berfanger

Jon R. Bielefeld

Glenn Bingle Ph.D.

Ms. Ann C. Blunk

Chris Bojrab, MD

Ange Bolton

Roseanne Bonjouklian, MD

Sally Boothe

Robert Brandt, MD

Mr. Brent Brinkley

Deborah S. Bronnenberg

Dr. & Mrs. Glenn A. Brunk

Mrs. Barbara Burkhardt

Rebecca L. Bushong, MD

Chad Bussell

Rhea Cain

Robert Campbell, MD

Caroline Scott Harrison Chapter NSDAR

The Carpenter Family

Dr. and Mrs. Robert Carpenter

Mark L. Charpentier, MD

Dr. & Mrs. Jeffrey Christie

Marvin Christie, MD

Mr. Mark Cole

Robert F. & Sue Ellen Collins

Andrew J. Corsaro, MD

Carolyn Cunningham

Deborah L. Cutter

Robert and Shawn Deitch

Stephanie Del Paine

David R. Diaz, MD

William Dick

Marianne Doyle

Marc Duerden, MD

Stephen Dunlop, MD

Heidi M. Dunniway, MD, & Richard Gustafson, MSMC- ret

Norman & Madeleine Dwaihy

Howard Eigen, MD

Stephen Egan

Dr. William A. Engle

H. Lane Ferree, MD

Wendy A. Fisk

Lindsey Fortner

Philip S. Gibbs, MD

Alan Gillespie, MD

Ted W. Grisell, MD

Richard B. Gunderman, MD, PhD

Marion Haerle

Paula Hall, MD

Sarah Halter

Catherine Hamaker

Barbara Hamilton

Mark M. Hamilton, MD

Paul Haney

Richard S. Hansell, MD

William Hazen

Eric A. Henricks, MD


Dr. & Mrs. Bruce J. Hopkins

Mr. & Mrs. Giles Hoyt

John Humphrey

Ella Hurrell

Kathryn S. Hutchens, MD

Jon Igelman

Dr. and Mrs. Terry Ihnat

Dr. & Mrs. Thomas Inui

Drs. Arthur and Carlyanna Jay

Rosemarie M. Jeffery, MD

Steve & Tracy Johnson

Barbara Jones

John D. Jones, MD

Russell Judd, MD

Clarke Kahlo

William Keeling

Chris Kellams

Brenda Keller

Erin K. Kelley & Jeff Zickgraf

Harold & Sharon Kennedy

Juliet L. King

Leroy King

Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence W. Klee

Dr. & Mrs. John C. Klein

Leah Knight

Jeffrey & Jennifer Kollath

Vidya S. Kora, MD

Jean Kraft, MD

Gopal Krishna, MD

John Krol

Gerald Kurlander

Larry and Annette LaRowe

Rene Llewellyn

Dr. Mary Mader

Steve & Stacie (Wenk) Makhacha

David Mandelbaum

Ashley Mann

Dr. Anita R. Martin & Harry R. Vernon

Timothy McCall

Donald C. McCallum

William McGarvey, MD

Michael & Jamie Mellinger

Joseph Merrick

Anna M. Miller, PhD, RN

Scott R. Miller,  MD

Glenn D. Moak, MD

Ms. Elizabeth Monroe

David Moore, MD

Anne B. Moran

Andrew Morrison, MD

Thomas Mote, MD

David J. Need, MD

Dr. & Mrs. Ray Nicholson, Jr.

Ms. Cathleen Nine-Altevogt

Jeremy Oliver, MD

Dr. & Mrs. Ray Nicholson, Jr.

Ms. Cathleen Nine-Altevogt

Jeremy Oliver, MD

Stephen W. Perkins, MD

Anne Petersen

Marilyn Pfisterer

Joseph Porcaro, MD


James T. Poulos, MD, FACP

William R. Powers, MD

The Questers Old National Road, Chapter #1365

Ms. Diane Quinn

Jan Reynolds

Lindsay Richey

Linda Riski-Lindorff

Janet E. Roepke. MD, PhD

Ms. Janel Rogers

Debra Ross

Terri Ruehl Young

Julie Ruschhaupt

Daniel and Colleen Salvas

Dr. & Mrs.Thomas G. Samter

Dr. & Mrs. J. Christopher Sartore

Katherine Satterfield

Phyllis Schmidt, MD

Ms. Nikki Schofield

Matthew Schultz

Dr. & Mrs. Dwight W. Schuster

Mary K. Scott

Frederick Shaffer

Marianne Sheline

Jerry Shepherd

Lynnette Sievert

Linda S. Sirugo, MD

John Slack, MD

Aaron Smith

Jodi Smith, MD

Andrew Solberg

Dale R. South, Jr., MD

Dea Stanley

Steven Stucky

Drs. Robert and Pat Stump

Dr. & Mrs. Thomas A. Stump

John K. Sturman, MD

Mr. & Mrs. Willis A. Swan, Jr.

Dr. Edward Taylor

Virginia L. Terpening

Eric Tibesar, MD

Sarah Tilland

Catherine Trinkle

Mary Kay Turner, MD

Connie Ulbright

Sally Van de Water

Dr. and Mrs. Santi Vibul

Mary Jean Vorwald, MD

Dr. and Mrs. J. Edward Wagoner

Gerald Walthall, MD

Zachary Wampler

Dr. Jerry and Mrs. Darlene Wehr

Amy Weir

Cynthia L. Wells

Amanda White

Thomas Whiteman, MD, FACS

Kenneth N. Wiesert, MD

Dr. Kirk R. Wilhelmus

Melinda Wilkinson

Mark Willis

Kathryn Wilmot

Mr. Jerry Wright

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