Indiana Medical History Museum

Mission Statement


Medical history is important!

The past informs the present and inspires the future.

Our mission is to present the rich medical history of Indiana

by preserving the Old Pathology Building, collecting medical artifacts,

and providing exhibits, publications and programs.

Vision Statement 


To be the foremost institution in the region

interpreting medical history

and preserving it for future generations

Institutional Goals 

·         To enhance appreciation for health care in the present and inspiration for its future by teaching about  the past

·         To educate the public about the ever changing evolution of the science and practice of modern medicine

·         To preserve America’s oldest (1895) intact free-standing pathology building

·         To excite students about science

·         To promote research in the history of medicine, especially as it relates to Indiana

·         To help train future museum and public history professionals

·         To take visitors back to the doctor’s office of the 1950s

·         To cultivate important plants in the Medicinal Garden, explain how they were used, and teach how some provided today’s modern medicines

·         To protect artifacts important to the history of medicine in Indiana

·         To preserve and display the original collection of anatomic museum specimens, a vanishing  resource as institutions turn to digital laboratory exercises

·         To present the history of health care broadly, including exhibits related to nursing, dentistry and other disciplines

·         To trace the development of current medical practices from their origins and help health care practitioners embrace the roots of their professions

·         To preserve and present the history of Central State Hospital, especially concerning its scientific research and education about the causes and treatment of mental disease

·         To be a source of cultural enrichment in Indianapolis and Indiana


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