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*Please note: The Old Pathology Building that houses the Indiana Medical History Museum is a historic building and, as such, may present certain risks and/or physical restrictions. Some floor seating is available for visitors with limited physical mobility, but these must be requested in advance by emailing Sarah at shalter@imhm.org. These are available on a first come, first served basis. We are working to make our historic amphitheater more accessible and safer, but all program attendees must read and accept the Ticket Agreement to acknowledge the risks posed by steep stairs, the lack of a railing, etc. Click here to view the Ticket Agreement.


Sunday, February 24th 2pm

Rehumanizing IMHM's Specimen Collection

Pless Memorial Central State Circle Lecture

presented by Sarah Halter, executive director, Indiana Medical History Museum

This event held to thank our Central State Circle members and honor the memory of our dear friend John E. Pless, MD is FREE to Central State Circle and Edenharter Circle level members.

During this program, Sarah Halter, executive director of IMHM, will talk about why this project is so important and how it evolved. She will update our members and the public on our progress, share examples of the new revamped labels that will be unveiled in June, and talk about the ethical considerations and practical challenges we've had to address.

Register via Eventbrite here.

Cost: $5

Wednesday, April 3rd 5pm

The Truth About Trace Evidence

The Spring Installment of our Biannual Forensic Science Lecture Series

presented by Gina Londino-Smolar, IUPUI Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology, Forensic and Investigative Sciences Program

Have you ever wondered how hairs or fibers are used in forensic casework or what information can be determined by a single hair? Can it be matched to an individual?  How about fibers? Can a fiber be identified just by using a microscope? Can it be matched to a particular sweater? During this presentation, we will examine common trace evidence, learn what trace evidence can tell us, and hear about familiar cases in which trace evidence played an important role in the investigation. We will look at microscopic characteristics of trace materials and discover what we can determine --and what we cannot say about the evidence and how that compares with dramatizations in television and movies.

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Cost: FREE to all

Saturday, April 13th 6pm

at Woodstock Club

Indiana Medical History Museum

50th Anniversary Dinner

Please join us in celebrating 50 years of preserving the Old Pathology Building and Indiana's medical past. Dinner will be served at 6:50pm. An after-dinner program will highlight major events and recognize some of those who were instrumental in the Museum's creation and success. Then we'll go on a short Romp through Medical History led by Drs. Kathleen Hull and Clay W. Stuckey.

Purchase tickets by April 5th.

Sunday, May 5th 2pm

Surgery and Shenanigans: Frank Allen, Auto Racing's Early Trauma Physician

The Annual Lande Family Lecture

presented by Norma Erickson, MA

Regarding the doctors who staff motorsport events like the Indianapolis 500, Alex Zanardi wrote; “... it's sad to think they get recognition only during tragic circumstances.”

Over the 105 years of competition at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, there's always been one  physician in charge of coordinating the track’s medical facility that cares for both the enormous crowds and racing casualties. “Surgery & Shenanigans” explores the background of H.R. Allen, M.D., the first chief medical officer at IMS, and his contributions to racing and to the larger community---along with a few silly stories.

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Cost: FREE to all

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