IMHM Statement on Racial Injustice and the History of Medicine

June, 2020

Recent events in the United States and around the world have generated deep reflection about racism and discrimination and how best to address the injustices that confront us today.  In engaging these issues of particular concern to our institution, the Indiana Medical History Museum has a role to play and is committed to respecting the civil rights of all individuals, regardless of race or ethnicity.

Healthcare has not been immune to the issues of racism.  We believe in the importance of presenting facts about limited access to care, reprehensible experimentation, and other instances of discrimination in medicine. In our mission to preserve and teach medical history, we document and share that history in exhibits, programming, and research.  We will continue to offer informed accounts of our shared past, including the disturbing aspects as well as the many salutary achievement

The long-term effects of racial discrimination have diminished the attainments of our people and our nation as a whole. As a citizen institution in our city, state, and country, we add our voice to the chorus calling for justice and appropriate reform.  Racism has no place in any democracy.   We are hopeful that, out of past and present tragic events, a much more inclusive and empathetic culture will develop.  Inward reflection is also important.  For our part, the museum will strengthen efforts to improve the diversity of our staff and board, of our volunteer corps, and in the partnerships that we build. We will also place increased emphasis on programming regarding issues of racism and other forms of social injustice in medical history and in our healthcare system.  

IMHM Executive Director and Board of Directors




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