We routinely receive requests for information or library access from researchers, students, the general public, and even our own staff. However, we currently don't know the full extent of our library and can't always locate materials we know we have. Annually, we receive about 50 inquiries from the public and despite having nearly 6,000 historical books plus research notes, pamphlets, reports, photographs, movie reels, Central State records and more in our collection, we're often unable to help.

This is changing.

Because of a recent matching Heritage Support Grant from the Indiana Historical Society in the amount of $30,000, we have begun, with the Indianapolis Public Library, to catalog our extensive collection, establish management policies, and make it accessible and searchable online. This work will 1) equip the IMHM with the technology and software to manage our library and track use, 2) allow us to evaluate conditions and preserve fragile books and resources in danger of being lost forever, 3) digitize our histrionically significant books, movie reels, and images, and 4) Make our collection available to you!

How You Can Help

Our Library Project is an enormous undertaking that we are excited about- but we need your help. 

To match our grant, we still need to raise $7,500.

Please help us by donating and spreading the word by sharing our story with family and friends. You can use our hashtag #imhmuseum to help raise awareness on social media.


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Want to learn more about our collection? 

Take a look at the pictures below! 

7 photo(s) Updated on: 02 Nov 2018
  • These books are reaching the point of becoming too fragile for handling and research.
  • This family medicine book, published in 1859, still holds pressed flowers and leaves.
  • The painting over the uncatalogued books is of the entry way to the former Department for Women, also known as "Seven Steeples."
  • This personal medical journal, almost 100 years old, will need preservation work to keep it from being lost forever.
  • We don't only have published books- our collection also contains handwritten ledgers and journals. This one dates back to 1826- over 30 years before the germ theory was accepted!
  • Over 300 books have already been cataloged! This book, like so many in our collection, has handwritten notes and signatures.
  • An insiders view to the Auxiliary Library- closed to the public, this room is the work space for the Librarians.

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