6/2020 Update on Central State Hospital Cemetery GPR Project


We hope this letter reaches you in good health and you are keeping yourself and others safe during the COVID-19 pandemic. Ball State University and Indiana Medical History Museum have been monitoring the pandemic and taking precautions to make sure staff and students are safe. We want to thank you again for your role in our wildly successful crowd funding campaign in March 2020! This letter serves to update you on what we have been working on in the last few months from quarantine.

We have been monitoring the pandemic from quarantine and waiting for the time when we can responsibly go into the field and begin our GPR field survey. As Marion County, Indiana businesses are safely opening back up, we hope to complete our field survey in August 2020. Once the fieldwork is completed, Erin Powers will be able to process the geophysical data. We aim to keep you up to date every couple of weeks with the progress of our project through email and a Facebook Page for the project that we will be up and running at the beginning of July!

Once the fieldwork and data processing is complete, we will be working on the most viable way to host a presentation of the geophysical results for you. Whether this is in person or virtually will be determined in the next couple months. We will be monitoring CDC and state guidelines on social interactions and make the best decision to keep everyone safe

If you have any questions about this project, please reach out to either Erin Powers (BSU) or Sarah Halter (IMHM) via email. We understand that our lives are not going to return to normal, so we are looking for new and exciting ways to keep you involved and do the best work we possibly can.

All the best,

Erin and Sarah


Erin Powers (BSU) eledwards@bsu.edu

Sarah Halter (IMHM), shalter@imhm.org

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